My hair is just coming out and I'm falling to pieces. Everything was so on track but now it's all a mess I haven't changed anything so I don't understand. I just relaxed me hair again and when I detailed with the conditioner in all the hair pictured came out. This much hair comes out everytime I comb. I and on the verge of tears everytime I get close there is another set back I'm so frustrated. I am literally just wondering if I shouldn't just give up. I'm never going to get to waist length. I take such care of my hair and everytime I think it's okay and I'm doing every thing right I have to chop all my hair off. If anyone has advice now would be the time my frustration is really killing me.


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  1. Don't give up, I totally feel your pain, I just cut my hair back to shoulder length and it still hasn't resolved my issue. Girl if others can do it so can we, so what if it takes a little longer!

  2. Try going natural, had similar problems when I was relaxed, do some research on natural hair and you would be amazed as to the benefits of natural hair over relaxed hair.


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