Relaxer Criticism/ Personal Post

I expect for people to get all crazy when you say you are going to relax your hair but COME-ON. I relaxed my hair last year at about four months pregnant. Now all of a sudden  that the world knows im pregnant its like OMG don't do it your not supposed to. My question...."Why?" Their answer Its not recommended or what do you mean why everybody knows that. Second question "What will happen?" Its chemicals! Okay so if that's all there is to it. Why do hair dressers and factory workers get pregnant? Surely inhaling the fumes must be worse and they do it everyday...not to mention nail technicians. Why don't they all go on the pill or quit their job as soon as they find out. I don't relax my hair everyday. Sigh.

I don't know if anyone can relate to this but I am a kind of free spirited person. Sometimes I just feel trapped when it comes to other persons telling me to be who they want me to  be. When that is not what I want. I became and adult 8 years ago so why won't anyone let me make my own decisions. I am not about the party life or anything but I am about living peacefully and being able to do exactly what I want to do and not what I am forced to do because so far that hasn't worked out for me. 

More simply put I am an open minded person something that closed minded persons do not seem to understand. Sadly I seem to be surrounded by them. No i'm not throwing a fit over relaxer anymore. I just need a chance to be my own person. I am trying my best at the moment. Now that my boo is almost here a lot of things weighing on my mind. Being a mom makes you think about things you did not before. 



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  1. I relaxed my hair whilst preggers both times. But of course I asked my dr first. She actually giggled a little at the question and said 1. The surface area of your hair is tiny compared to your entire body and 2 you don't leave the relaxer on long enough for it to affect the bun in the oven.

    Something that I wish that I would have known before I had kids: Everyone will have an opinion on what you should or shouldn't do, think, say, act, be for your child. Remember that yours and your child's father are the only ones that matter.

    *drops mic*

    HAHA! Good luck chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. Lol. I was told the same thing. I also did some research. Before the first relaxer last year. You comment made me laugh tho lol.


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