Happy Anniversary to ME!!!!!!!!!

Today marks a year since the beginning of my hair journey!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I will be  uploading my length progress pictures all in one post and showing my journey to APL and back. with no further ado here we go. Well I did say I was sick yesterday and all I did was wrap my hair and then go to bed. Well I unwrapped my hair hoping they would be smooth boy was I in for a rude awakening. This was the result.
I got busy oiling my scalp as well as moisturizing and sealing my ends I then put a satin head tie around my edges to help flatten and straighten them. I used this opportunity to sleep. I am still very sick. Just moisturizing and sealing my hair made me very exhausted. Now I will take you down memory lane on the left in the second picture is the very first length picture I took on my journey. I did not start my journey with a relaxer I Had simply decided to start caring for my hair As you can see my ends look pretty bad. After that I put some weave in it was a sew in. I stretched for three months and the picture joined to my first length check is the result of that I had hit apl my hair was looking healthy the only problem was that it was thin because the weave had caused a lot of tangles and breakage.  That was also my very first at home relaxer.

My relaxer after that was not as much of a celebration however. After this relaxer I found that I had uneven ends and I had also failed to pass APL. This was a clear indication to me that I was not taking good enough care of my ends. I wanted to take my time and cut the uneven ends off as they were not damaged but just unsightly.

 My most current relaxer was a bit of a disaster but I am still determined to get it right. I went to a stylist who chopped off the uneven ends I was sad for a bit but I needed it and it is also to teach me to take care of my ends. So now I am above APL just a little above so she cut the new length I had as well as a bit off of the old if you can understand that.

I know this picture may look a little misleading I drew a line to show why it may seems so. You see because my arms are up it may seem as thought my hair is at APL but trust me it is not. I am grazing APL and a million times more cautious about my ends. They were still a bit frizzy but in my defense I did go to sleep. Don't worry I slept on a satin covered pillow. My hair feels a lot more thick by the way so I guess I am finally bouncing back from the set back. My last relaxer did not really relax my hair More about that can be found here. As I don't wish to go into details. I will make sure to relax my hair myself from now on to avoid situations like those again.


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  1. Happy Anniversary! Continue to take care of your hair and only great things would happen!

  2. Thank you Candice. I really appreciate it.

  3. YAY! congrats to you!! I hope you feel better soon! I just chopped my relaxed ends off, so I guess I just started a new hair journey. (it was actually an accident, a very happy accident!). Your hair looks very healthy! Have a happy Wednesday, get well soon!

  4. I loves your last do. Sadly every time i saw you I was on the road. Eh. I'm sure your hair is beautiful I don't think there is a style that does not make you cuter.

  5. Congrats....healthy hair is a beautiful thing. Kudos to you. Love your colorful blog template. Now following!
    xoxo- Christyl, www.christylliving.blogspot.com


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