Casual Fridays.

I am finally back with this post. Sorry I did not post it yesterday I was a bit busy. By the time I laid eyes on my PC I was almost closing them. Wit no further ado this is how I looked yesterday.

Loving the way my braid out looked beach wavy (idk if that the a term or whatever). Were the Lashes too much? I don't know but I think I looked kind of hot. I got a ton of you look pretty comments and one weird guy same to me on the street..... It was extremely embarrassing. I think I lost weight I have never walked away from someone so fast in my entire life. Idk I should probably watermark my pics but it is just so much work. SIGH!...



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  1. Yes you definitely was working it girl!

  2. Your braid out came out nice! I'll be trimming my hair for the first time (since I started transitioning) tomorrow! And I'll also be blowing out my hair. Once it's all blown out and wanting to get curly again I'll be utilizing my twist & braid outs! Thanks for the post!


    1. Sounds good what texture are you transitioning to? Natural or texlaxed. I am thinking of texlaxing in the future but I am not sure as yet. Good Luck on your transition.

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