Pregnancy and my Hair Journey.

I am now revealing why I have not been posting and why my hair took a toll for the past few....months. I am pregnant. I have found that pregnancy does so much to the hair it is almost unbelievable. I shed beyond compare the the first two months. I did not know what was wrong. I began to get a hint when I stopped eating the things I like and started eating strange food gaining weight and my body was changing. SIGH. Anyway I am over the shedding hurdle and am into the too much growth because I am taking pretnatals hurdle. Despite all of this growth I have found that my hair texture has changed a bit. It is not has hard to manipulate as it was before I got pregnant.

Moving on to my regimen. My regimen is totally shot. It has not become i moisturize and seal on the day that I have the most energy, Forget the wrapping and throw them under a satain cap, forget combing and just sleep with the bun on and then redo the bun in the morning. It is sad but I must say my sleep hours have increase dramatically especially when I have a long day at work. I climb those stairs more often than I want to admit. Thus I burn a lot of energy.

What I need now is advice. should I relax my hair now or wait till January when I had planned to relax? I look like I am going natural at the moment and really I am not even close to my pre-planned relax date. Keeping up is very hard but I am trying. I have been roller setting I tried bantu knots but that was a fail.

Alright so please don't get mad at me I am trying my best here. I will try to form some kind of pattern. When I said I was sick I just wasn't ready to say anything yet by the way sorry for fooling everyone. I didn't even get sick. This lil one seems to love mommy. lol

Until Next Time Whenever That Will Be


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  1. Congratulations!!! :) I'm happy your doing well!

  2. Congrats chica! No apologies necessary! Do whatever is easiest on you. If that means relaxing now---do it. If that means bunning it until the little one gets here, do that!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks! i think i May relax since Friday is my Birthday but not sure im doing it again after that. Plus I think i'm gonna trim and bun a lot to help keep my ends in good shape for the next couple of months.

  3. Congratulations Dear, it's been long i read your post.
    i'm glad your doing well

  4. Thanks. Hope you are doing well too.


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