Changing the way I wrap my hair.

How many people have the problem where you wrap you hair up at night, go to sleep and then when you wake up and attempt to take down the wrap the section where you started wrapping the hair from (e.g i wrap my hair to the right so i would comb the hair from the left to the right.) would hurt like someone just punched you there? No one? Anyone? Well let me tell you. I am over it! Also wrapping my hair that way creates a bird wing on one side of my head. No need to say i'm tired of tucking one side behind my ear Also my hair gets a sweaty smell very quickly which had me itching to wash my hair.. By now your like okay when will she get to the point but I just had to share all the problems that regular wrapping causes to me. Now that all of that has been said. I am now cross wrapping my hair. I can say after cross wrapping for a week so far that my hair does not smell weird, i have no pain at my temple area, no bird wing and it also does not feel like a job.

What i mean by job is that when my new growth starts to come in wrapping my hair always feels more like pulling my hair out. Now I do not have to manipulate my hair as much as I used to. I am not sure why I never did this. 

At this point I will add that my March goals are going smooth and I cant wait until the end of the month to share everything that has changed for the better and things that I really did not like or find useful. meanwhile i'm thinking of what else I would like to achieve before my next relaxer. I uploaded a video yesterday telling the story of how i lost my edges and also giving a short and evilous review on Organic Roots Stimulator's Edge Control Gel. It is a product I used for a short time before i started my hair journey. I have a few reviews that I have been waiting to post but I rather not review things until I have used time for a particular time frame preferably five months or more. Hopefully this video is at least a little helpful and not a lot cray which is who I am mostly. 

Happy Sunday!!!
May the Lord Bless you.


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