Finally Relaxed.

I relaxed yesterday and let me tell you it is a good feeling to be able to see my face again no matter how big my nose is. It was a very easy relaxer my new growth was super soft even thought it was a whole lot. On that not let me say now that I forgot to take a before picture and I also for got to take my camera with me to show how much length i had before the trim. I needed the trim obviously because I have been half assing my hair journey for months now. Never the less my hair was not very badly damaged.

Here is the last length check picture I took in comparison to this new one.

In this one I have my hands up
and in the one below I have my hands down because I thought it would sort of makes the correct length visible. I think its kind of the same thing. The fourth pink stripe on my shirt is where my bra strap is. Hopefully I can get there by my birthday.

I find that my hair has become much thicker and bouncy. I guess I can thank my son for that. Also they look really healthy. I guess despite the fact that i didn't wrap them or take particular measures to protect them that the moisturizing and sealing helped quite a lot. Also I am not sure what to call this length. Any Ideas?
Hmmmm. Anyway thats for reading guys Have a great week. 



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  1. Your hair does look alot thicker! that was the first thing I noticed. Hope you and baby are doing good!

  2. Thanks. We are doing great he is almost here I can't wait to look pretty again.

  3. Your hair looks like just about APL to me...u can call it AAPL (Almost Arm Pit Length) ha ha.

  4. loll Danielle. Your right that is a good name for it.

  5. I tagged you in the Being Me Blog Tag...


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