A New Journey or two.

I think that my blog is going to go through some small changes. First of all I am 100% sure my son will be on in almost all of my post because its new to me and I can't stop talking about him anyway. On a serious not though now that I have had a child the only child I want to have. I am going to start something I have always wanted to to but did not because I figured one day I would have a child and all would be lost.

Waist Training or tight lacing or corset training is the practice of wearing a tightly laced corset to achieve extreme modification to the figure and posture.

So i'm am now a tight lacer and proud of it. I have not started yet I just purchase my first corset a few days ago I bought it from Orchard Corset. It was very simple to find the right one for me with the help of Skylar. I and just super excited to get it so I can break it in and start wearing it as I wish. I do not intent to have the smallest waist in the world or anything I think Ms Cathie Jung already has that title and she is doing well. I just want some extra curves that's all. Of course I will be posting updates on my second journey as soon as I get my corset to after I season it and so on.

Second part to this post. How great is breast feeding. I have lost more than half the weight I gained during pregnancy. Its amazing. I entered the world of breast feeding with only the thought of giving my baby the best of what I could give to him. I was actually not expecting the miracle weight loss because to be honest a lot of people seemed to exaggerate the amount of weight they lost. In fact I had bought a belly band just to shrink my tummy and was thinking I could sign up to a gym for the rest of the fat. NOPE! I melted like an icecream. Now if only my pregnancy mask would take a hint from my waist line and scram.

Next relaxer date is the end of August....not date I know but I find setting a date usually means I will miss that date then just do it whenever. So hence end of August. I cant wait!!!!!! My lil sweetheart is fast asleep so I am about to moisturize and seal my hair as well as have my morning tea. I no longer drink from a tea cup but from a....what is it flask that thing that keeps the tea hot? Eh you get the point i'm sure.

Have A Good One


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