Once Again.

Once again I am Back this will be a short post because my keyboard is giving me a heck of a time to type and I just cannot deal. My new length is an inch above bra strap length. Pic? Ha. I wish I could Upload one too but nah. I will at some point. I do have a pic but it is on my pone which I have no usb cord for. Why? Ask My Son!!! Oh wait he can't talk. BLEH! My hair journey is going great despite him taking up most of my time. I should be getting my own place sometime this year. So this absence may get worse all things considered..you know I won't have any help from granny dearest. I am contemplating getting a split ender Just because I guess. I didn't get to by myself a birthday present and i might as well get that so I can stop getting my hair chopped randomly.

Is there a way I can transfer the pic from the camera folder in my phone to the blogger folder? Anyone? Please help.



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