All About The Stretch

So as usual I am stretching out my relaxers. This time around I am going for 16 weeks. Needless to say I am struggling to hold on.  I miss smooth roots. However to somewhat battle my  not so pleasant appearance. i decided to make a wig. That way I keep my hair braided up and my roots stay soft. I do have a little of my hair out since I the wig is a U Part wig. But I try my very best to keep the hair moisturized and sealed ALOT. The wig however is made from synthetic hair so the hair started become frayed mated and completely unruly. I made a short video on how to tame synthetic hair. I am pasting in the link because this thing keeps telling me I have no videos.... needless to say that is a horrible lie. I will pray for you Google. I Will. Never mind I fixed it.

 I will be posting again when I get my relaxer. Lets hope for the best I am working hard on keeping my ends in good order. Also working hard on gaining weight Seriously I keep loosing weight. Breast feeding sucks.



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