Lost in time

I have been missing for a while I know. I got caught up in some emotional stuff. I am still caught up in emotional stuff. I washed and rollers et my hair yesterday this morning when I removed the rollers. I thought about this blog and how I let things slip away.

I can't promise that I will post more often however I will be updating a lot more I still take care of my hair. Stressing out made me loose some of it. I took a step back bought some biotin and tried to pull it together. I'm still working on it but my days are a little better but yesterday and today are bad.

I may have to return to the salon as my relaxer buddy and best friend is moving away. More sad news but what can I do. I don't know but everything in my life is just changing. It's like someone swooped in and took the wheels out of my hands.

At least I can always take care of my hair and that is something I have most control over. Also more important than my hair my little. ...no big budget of joy who turned one on the 14th. I feel like everything just flew by. Soon I will be forty and he will almost be an adult. Lol.

On another note I will be relaxing my hair next month my bff and I will be having a hair day relaxing each others hair and spending quality time before we part ways.


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