I just found this.

I had no idea ORS brought out a sulfate free shampoo. I am so excited. I can't wait to get it I must try it. I had given up on sulfate free when the best one I could find was creme of nature which I am allergic too. I literally screamed OMG in the store. I know I have been missing for a while but as I have mentioned I am working on my adulthood. I have bought a car. I intend to get my own place next. As a mother I find these things to be super important at the moment. Whenever I try this I will review I hope it is similar or better than creme of nature . Woop woop. I am going to get my hair relaxed on Friday so I will have a new post by Saturday. I will get a trim...my first trim for the year so I hope no one tried to murder hair. I will be scrutinising and making it clear I don't want a major trim/ cut. Pray that everything goes well I am rocking curls at the moment. Curls are the best to keep from manipulating your hair before a relaxer and you new growth stays stretched. Love you guys!!!!



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  1. It took them long enough! After all, they are reading blogs just like us so they know what we want


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