Depression and my hair journey.

If you read the title you already know this isn't a happy post. I know I have been missing and I am sorry. I have been going through some personal things. As a result I have been a bit depressed and shedding like crazy this made me even more depressed. Despite the shedding I have not felt noticeable difference in my hair until today. I washed my hair as usual i'm not going to go into the details of what I used because this post is not about that. I took a look in the mirror at my hair today after I came out from under the dryer, I decided I wanted to wear a pony tail today to go see my BF. When I pulled my hair back and put the scrunchie in i could wrap it around three times with ease and it was at that point I felt like I needed to cry.

I have decided to be a big girl! I am going to relax my hair and head to my old stylist for a big fat heard me a cut when I say cut I DO NOT mean trim. I will be getting a bob cut maybe by the end of this week. I cannot do this. My edges as well are just horrible and I need my hair to just not be in a protective style or any style at all. I want them to be free to grow and regain their strength. I am starting fresh no way am I going to try to salvage this hair if its looking wack its wack and I will not tolerate thin hair again.

I will post pictures of the new look when ever I get it done. I am very fascinated with the idea of a bob at this time Do not know if that will change but for now I think it is the best thing ever. If it is one time I give her all rights to get scissors happy it is now.



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  1. I know you'll rock your new look! This is what a hair journey is all about... the ups, the downs, you'll reach your destination/goal. I got the elasta QP at Superpower, for less than $40. Happy Hair Journey!

    1. I sure hope I will. Also you are right, I was prepared for all this. I actually thought if they day came that I would have to cut my hair it would be like murder but I don't feel that way. I am excited.

  2. Sometimes a change, even a small one like getting an uber sexy bob cut, can encourage you to make harder changes in other areas of your life. Shedding sucks and life does too at times. The good news is that it won't always be like this---things will get better.

    I can't wait to see your cut love!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Thank you. I needed the encouragement.


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