Relaxer day.

I am currently at the hair salon. My stylist comment on how long my hair is and just as soon said I needed a trim. I agree about the trim but I will be monitoring that trim. I have already stated as long as I don't get a cut there will be no problems.

I have the largest rollers in always thought my head was too small for them but I guess my head is bigger than I thought. My relaxer went well no burns and rollers eating my hair and keeping the curls for the week kept my new growth stretched so there were no tangles and applying the base as well as the relaxer was simple.

I am under the dryer now. Not my most favorite part of relaxing I wish drying wasn't an hour long it would make me so dang happy. I am going to pause at this paragraph and resume typing after my hair is dried and trimmed.

My trim went well she trimmed about half an inch because my ends were a little stringy. That was my yearly visit to a scissors. Enjoy the pics I added. I will do a length check photo tomorrow. Thanks for reading guys.


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  1. Excited to see your length check chica! I despise the hooded dryer too! I haven't used mine in AGES!

    KLP @


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