What I Got in the Mail Today.

So I Got some Nexxus products today. My hairdresser or rather the lady I think My not be my hairdresser anymore because my hair was basically not relaxed the last time I went to relax it... She used Nexxus in my hair once and my hair was of the chain moisturized for a very long time so it got me thinking to just buy a few of their basic products.
The Nexxus Humectress ultimate moisturizing conditioner this is the exact conditioner she used in my hair and It made my hair absolutely silky, soft and manegable.
The daily split end binding conditioner. Yes I am in search of a product that will bind split ends I don't mind cutting off the ones I have its the future ones I don't really want to get....lol I also paired it up with
The daily shampoo Yes I know they say daily but we all know I am not going to wash my hair daily it will never happen discussion closed. lol
The polydemic reconstructer a bit on the expensive side but I have heard good things about it and decided to give a try after extensive research.. plus I did not find the aphogee treatment to be what I wanted. Oh and the product I am most excited about and intent to use tonight.
The split end binding overnight treatment cream. I was just about to go to my cart and check out when I say this on the screen and thought well why not lol I am a chaser of the split end cure. I will definitely give a review on this product if not any of these products because I have great expectations even thought I know I should not. Oh well if not the search continues. I also bought a bottle of GNC Hair Skin and Nails Supplements. I see some people have complained they are allergic I'm praying I'm not lol well that is it on what I got in the mail. If anyone has tried any one of these products please share your experience I would reallly appreciate it.


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  1. Hi there...I haven't tried this brand but I hope it works for you!! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I am from Antigua but I spend most of the year studying in Trinidad,I miss home so badly!!! I'd love for us to follow each other! I'm following you now...I hope you follow back!
    Much Love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo

  2. Aw thanks for following and yes I did follow back. lol


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