Another invention to steal our cash

So today i was watching tv and i saw a commercial about this new type of hand soap pump that eliminated the touching of the germ filled pump on the hand soap bottle..... Well to tell you the truth that was the most retarded commercial i have ever seen. Lets review the process of washing ones hand,
* You pumps the soap into your hand.
*Proceed to turn on the tap and wash ur hands
*turn off the tap and dry your hands
That's the basics. Alright so what im trying to say is you obviously wash your hands after touching the pump anyway so touching the pump is irrelevant. there is also the annoying fact that you touch the handle of the tap before your hands are washed and then again afterwards. (transferring the germs much) there you go another invention to grab the money out of ppls pockets. The sad part is dumb suckers that buy it will think omg its soooo awesome.


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