POSTPARTUM SHEDDING!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies, gents, children of all ages. My names is Tiffany and I am shedding to baldness.

Yes I said it I am shedding to baldness. (We all knew this post was coming)I started my massive yet normal shedding last week. Well I noticed it last week because I finally decided to comb my hair. I detangled washed deep conditioned and roller set my hair. For each of those actions I had a ball of hair so I had four balls of hair Roller setting being the biggest one of all. I took a picture but now I cannot find it.

I will be relaxing my hair either next week or the week after that so that I look presentable to go back out to work.

I just moisturized and sealed my hair as well as detanlge. The shedding is crazy trust me but alot less than the time i washed my hair.
Imagine this amount of hair coming out everytime i plan on combing my hair which will increase when its time to go back to work. Now looking for ways to cope with this problem. I cannot wait to be able to touch my hair without ten strands coming out as well.

Any thoughts on this matter or experience?



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  1. Postpartum shedding was terrible for me after my son's birth! My doctor said usually 10-15% of your hair is in a resting phase. The resting hairs slowly shed and are replaced with new hairs. However, while you're pregnant, hormones causes 20-30% of your hairs to go into in a resting phase, while the remaining hair is still growing. Thus making your hair feel thicker. After giving birth, hormones attempt to balance out and all of those resting hairs are shed. All.At.Once.

    My shedding lasted for about 2 months and resulted in me having to cut over 4 inches.

    I wrote all about it here: Shed Dred

    It will pass chica trust me. Plus your little guy was totally worth it!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. Really? wow. A friend of min is still shedding and her son is almost one. That is what I am afraid of.

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