Weird Title I know!!!.

I have finally relaxed my hair and It was the best thing I had ever done in my life. Well that's the way it felt anyway. I had so much new growth I did not expect it to come out as good as it did. I ended up clipping of about an inch. Shedding does seem to cause my ends to be a little uneven.

The relaxing process was pretty quick and I didn't get any burns despite scratching my hair the previous day.

I am now full A.P.L. Not trying to count my eggs before they hatch but my shedding has decreased drastically so far. Please lets hope its over and it will not return. Again 6 months postpartum.

Here is le Pictures.

The first picture (On the Left) shows the length on my hair when I last relaxed it. The second (on the right) is my hair now  I know it may look as thought the hair in the right is dry but not really..Well it is but only because after relaxing I just roller set and then wrapped it with a little Paul Mitchell foaming pomade. Since taking the picture I have moisturized and sealed my hair and it looks much better. Still hoping for B.S.L by my birthday. Even though my care has been minimal and trust me I have tried not to be so minimal with it my hair seems to be doing okay. I will probably upload a picture later on with my moisture filled hair. I head back out to work next week so I will probably be pic happy. My sons routine has also become well a routine so I know when I will have time to post now. Until Next time!!!

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  1. your hair is gorgeous! what a great hair journey


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