Wash day.

I relaxed my hair two weeks ago. Since then I have moisturized and sealed my hair every other day and oiled my scalp twice per week.

Today is my wash day. I used my cream of nature sulfate free moisturizing shampoo. However after shampooing I realized my hair needed to be clarified. How did I know that you ask? After rinsing the shampoo my hair was clumping together and I could literally deel the product build up.

I quickly grabbed an old bottle of aphooge after realising that my creamy aloe shampoo had kicked the bucket. It worked like a charm. Took all of the gunk out. Sulphate shampoos do have there place and uses.

After rinsing I deep conditioned with my cream of nature conditioner.  I left it on for a few hours, rinsed then rollerset. My hair did not dry completely but good enough for me to moisturize, seal and oil my scalp. I am posting from my phone. I will try to upload pictures but if they are not here blame google.



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  1. Ive been hearing good things about the creme of nature brand! My old roommate loved the stuff!


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