Relaxer? Check!!!

Before I get to my whole relaxer experience let me just say I had no idea that my new growth was this bad. After my last wash day I was like whoa. I just had to take a picture. My new growth had everyone asking If was was planning on going natural.

I also had the grand idea to make a video out of y relaxer day to save myself the time of making a post. That didn't work out since I got into a minor accident. Everything was okay just that I was literally over the whole thing by the time I had gotten over the fact that everything was okay.

A friend of mine relaxed my hair she did a very good job despite me having four month new growth. Seriously I had my own personal forest. It was good mostly. I got two burns on either side of my front hair line but that was because my scalp was flaky in those areas.  With no further ado here is y length check pic. Grazing bra strap. I will have to double check because i didn't really comb them out some of them are stuck together or at the front. Eh my life.


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