Hair update.

Hey guys. I'm at it again eh post freeze. Turns out being one is a bog deal lol. Anyway my hair is pretty healthy at the moment. I only have one problem. I have got a bit of shedding I don't shed much normally and this is not as bad as my post partum shedding. My hair has gotten a bit thinner because of it though biotin doesn't help and I take vitamins so I'm not sure what the problem is.
I washed my hair today. I am home with a nasty migraine so I decided to just wash them. They felt a bit dry and I hate when my hair feels dry they also inched a lot.

I was going to let them dry over night but couldn't do it. With this pain In my head so I just got out from under the dryer. My hair feels so good and looks great. So I took a pic.

Anyone know what could be causing this random shedding? Sigh. It is really depressing me.


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