So just a little info on my Birth Control Related Shedding. I decided not to use It Works Hair Skin and Nails Formula. I bought my trusty GNC Hair Skin and Nails and also the GNC Womens Ultra Mega My hair growth is so far going back to normal. My growth had slowed as a result of the Birth Control as well. I still want to try It Works More to prove or disprove it more than anything else. I mean How can One product give you 4 inches in a month? Anyway as with all My decisions I will have to ponder it for a while and also have extra cash lying around as this supplement is very expensive if not bought from the site. Biggest set back for me is only US Cards are accepted on the site.

I need to purchase a hair scissors so that I may continue to trim my ends I think this hair scissors I got from my mom is dull. Is it okay to get them sharpened orr is that a bad thing? I want to get a professional one with them super sharp blades because I swear the scissors gave me the splits.

I will be relaxing my hair again the end of this month. I will not trim because of this scissors problem but I should be able to trim in January which is when I will be relaxing again after this relaxer. By then I would have made up my mind about which scissors to buy the conflicting reviews are killing me at the moment. Any suggestions on this?

If I do decide to try the It works Supplements I will be doing it for 30 days Starting the second week in December. If I haven't made up my mind by then well we will just forget it. lol This is the second year I will not be relaxing my hair for my birthday. Oh well I am stocking up on wigs at the moment. Just for this occasion. In two weeks I will post about my relaxer and of course take length check pics lets hope my hair isnt too uneven because I really don't have a scissors to trim with.

Thanks for reading Guys


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