All good things must come to an end!

Does anyone remember THIS
 yes it is  my forever staple. The only conditioner that made my hair feel just the way I wanted it to feel. Well on my last wash day I found out I am allergic to it. An uncountable amount of pimples appeared on my hairline after i washed my hair. It freaked me out enough not to do a wash day post. The first time this happened I thought it might have been a reaction to the Milk of Magnesia which I used for a primer. However after washing a deep conditioning after taking down my Marley twist I realize that it was my miracle deep conditioner all along.

What do i do now? Every product that does miracles with my hair i'm allergic to first it was creme of nature not its this.... and I love this more than the creme of nature. Please recommend something for deep conditioning moisture based only turns out I am protein sensitive.

On another note my Hair journey anniversary is coming up and I will be hosting a give away as a celebration. I will be traveling shortly so the give away will not be until I get back home. While I am gone I will be shopping for the giveaway of course. I am so excited!

Back to my horror story note. Please help me find a new deep conditioner.



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  1. I use a Moroccan argon oil treatment! sorry, i can never remember the names of the products that i use. but that seems to work for me. Quite a few of my friends at uni use it. i'll try to remember the name!

    1. Let me know. I still have not bought another one.


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