Wash Day....

So I have been pretty busy but i took the time out to do a wash day post today. I preepooed with coconut, jojoba, olive and castor oil overnight using the GHE. This made detangling much easier, well in my mind it did.

This is where I started out
My hair looked so entirely crazy. Still I love these Pics. Sooo I shampooed with my sulfate free shampoo twice. Then I did a black tea rinse I poured the tea over my hair repeatedly until I felt satisfied. I did the black tea rinse because my hair has been shedding a bot more that usual. This usually happens when I stretch my relaxers. I am not sure exactly why. So anyway after wards I deep conditioned with dreaded enemy. the enemy that makes my hair feel super awesome. African pride olive oil deep conditioner. I have found out how to use it without the risk of breaking out. I cannot leave it on my hair over a certain amount of time or my skin will react to it. After rinsing out the conditioner
I went ahead and roller set my hair. I have been air drying for a while now and I really miss my roller sets because my hair comes out so much smoother with the rollers in. Roller setting also helps to stretch out my new growth and save me the trouble of a long process for detangling. Moisturized and seal my hair and wrapped it up after they dried. Honestly I had a great wash day!!



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