Wash Day....Dandruff Woes

For the past two weeks I have been using Sulfur8 to try and fight my dandruff, however I was not seeing any noticeable improvement. This made me very depressed and I went through all of last week with my hair in a protective style and did not comb it at all. A friend then told me about Ketozal. Ketozal is another dandruff shampoo that she claimed would work I asked around and a couple others said the same. I also sis research on the internet.
It seemed legit so I decided to go ahead and but it. It is a very small bottle and it cost near $20.00USD it hurt to put out that cash but I figured better to try something than nothing. I brought it home and got busy shampooing. I shampooed twice leaving the shampoo to sit on my hair for three minutes each time since the bottle said to let it sit for three to five minutes. My scalp felt pretty clean and everything but you know my hair was wet so I could not say yet whether or not it had worked. I applied ORS replenishing conditioner to deep condition my hair. Left it on for about three hours while i did some chores. I detangled my hair a little before putting on the cap and it felt like maybe a million long strands came out of my head. I seriously expected all of my hair to come off. My internet was down yesterday so I got up early and bright this morning trying and googled whether or not dandruff caused hair loss. Well my friends it does and I just about had no idea. So Now I have got to double my efforts to get my scalp treated for this thing. I cannot afford another set back I just know I will be sooo damn discouraged. I just took down the wrap so that I can oil, moisturize and seal my hair I did not comb it out i kind of used my fingers and shook it out. I saw a few flakes fly. Wen last week it was like a whole lot. My scalp itches a bit still when i scratch thought nothing much is under my nails. I also examined my scalp it does not look white all over some areas still do look white. I will do a mid week post to report on my scalps progress through out the week. I am also contemplating a black tea rinse to help with the excessive shedding. Here is a picture of the hair I lost. This is hair from before  washing and also the hair from when I detangled with conditioner in my hair.



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