Guess Who Got A Hair Cuuut?

I did! First off let me say I did not get the bob I was hell bent on getting. My hair dresser obviously knows me better than I know myself. She cut off about an inch of hair I think. My hair looks so healthy, Shiny and sexy. I love it and cannot wait to get back into the game of hair care. I feel less stressed now. I am ready to take it all on My edges are still freaking me out but I have been babying them and I am also hoping to get them back to normal by my birthday. I feel renewed!

One thing I have noticed though. My hair felt dry when I was done from the salon. I actually noticed it since I started my hair journey as I was going to a hair dresser at first. I find I like how my hair feels when I do it a lot more than when it is done for me. Sorry I do not have pictures in this post. Sadly I have not taken any, my little sister killed my camera batteries trying to find the perfect instagram picture.

I will have length check pictures uploaded before the end of the week I promise.



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