I have been gone for a while but its okay I did not forget anyone. I was out of the country for a bit and did not have access to the internet. Even though I carried my laptop there I should have packed my camera instead.

Big week end coming up gotta do a huge wash day. I had not washed my hair at all when I went away and right now although they look shiny and awesome I think its time for a wash. On my trip I bought a pack of twenty inch weave and decided to double up the wefts I had with the set of clip ins from before and make some new ones as well which I also doubled up. I tried them on and they look way fuller and blend nicely with my hair. I washed them and roller set them as I am planning to wear them to a wedding this Saturday.

I also got a new flat iron. Not sure why I hardly ever see the old one....I think its because the flat iron is one of my favorite colors. PURPLE!!!!!!!!! here is a picture.....

I was thinking maybe I could do a get ready with me video for the wedding I am not sure how much time I will have. Considering I have to be out of the house before ten in the morning I wil probably have to start getting ready at seven. I may sound crazy but I am a natural spinner. I spin (as in waste a lot of time) a lot when I am getting ready. I bought loads of stuff for my hair and considered and even recorded the makings of a haul video but I came back sick with the flu and after recording it i realized it was not audible and I lost the vibe. Even though I could do voice over I just decided to squash it all. Eh next time maybe. I posted a video with my length check a while ago. I will still post pics I promise and this time I will keep that promise as I have new camera batteries and can post them tomorrow.



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