I Can't Wait!!!!

So i know i didn't feel the relaxer vibe last time but since then I find that I have resorted to wearing rasta caps or beenie hats over my satin cap as a disguise to go outside. I have had my hair braided in two big braids and i occasionally take them down to moisturize and seal then braid those suckers back up. Considering now I have way more energy and I feel less emotional. I actually have been putting more effort into my hair only to find that my hair  looks so natural nothing I do can make it look cute. I find myself wanting to look pretty but my hair is ruining everything.

My solution. I am getting a relaxer on the 23rd of December by the hook or the crook! I am tempted to take my own rollers and just come home in them but I have way too much pride and no car. Even if my bf comes to pick me up he will be like... "Where is the hair?" So I guess I will have to undergo some form of annoying styling at the hair dresser. I must look amazing for Christmas end of story. This is how my hair is looking at this moment.

I know it looks a little crazy...okay a lot crazy. However I am going to moisturize and seal this sucker until relaxer day. Fingers crossed! 



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