Its that time!!!

Seasons Greeting to my wonderful community. 

Yes I think of Blogger as a Community because persons are so helpful and always encouraging. I love you all I wish my sisters on the hair journey a prosperous healthy hair journey in 2014,my cosmetic junkies lots of luck with their insatiable addiction, personal bloggers I  love reading about your experiences and adventures, nail art bloggers you have helped me in many ways because my nails always look fly when i paint them and to my health conscious peeps keep it up i will need tips after I have this baby to get my figure back.

ALRIGHT ! I finally relaxed my hair on Monday the 23rd December 2013. I think the fact that my hair texture got softer my hair relaxed very easily and I got no burns whatsoever. I'm just gonna kiss this lil bundle of joy when I finally see his or her's face. I don't know if its my imagination but I feel like I got a very reasonable amount of growth/length. Hmmm. You decided. I have gained quite a few pounds by the way. Do not say I did not warn you.

This picture is showing the health of my hair. I was surprised to see that even with my iffy hair regimen my hair was till quite beautiful I couldn't really see that after I started keeping it braided up.

This one here is my length check I guess you can call it just above a.p.l I don't know because i just realized i was looking up at the camera view finder. I thought about retaking it but eh.  Anyway in comparison to my last length check pic my hair looks quite improved.

Well that's my post for today. I have not been doing anything with my hair since I relaxed it I think the most combing it has gotten was tonight for me to take this picture. very other day has been moisturize seal and cover back up. I guess I am back to my old tricks.



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