Wash Day.

Yes it is finally wash day! I randomly found my split end binding overnight treatment by nexxus. So I applied it to my ends last night. Yesterday I also Got myself some aloe vera. I have been thinking of starting to deep conditioning the natural way. Since I have this dandruff problem I would rather something that could help that. I then remembered that I read on somewhere that aloe vera is good for dandruff. So I did a little research and found that I can actually deep condition with it. So I went out into the garden and cut one off of the plant,

 split it down the middle scooped the jelly then blended the jelly and some coconut oil in the blender. I did try adding a little conditioner because i hate the smell but that was pointless. I then bottle it in one of my applicator bottles.

Today was a whole entire different story. Washing my hair seemed almost impossile since my son was super clingy. Ended up talking animatedly while he sat in his car seat wondering what I was doing with my head.I shampooed with my Ketozal Anti-fungal Shampoo. Left it on for about ten minutes and then deep conditioned with my aloe vera and coconut oil mix. I think I may have left it on for an hour i'm not sure since i was trying to entertain my little one who was fighting sleep with all his might. Unfortunately he doesnt know that sleep always wins.

I was hoping to rollerset but he took a cat nap so I ended up air drying a little but moisturized and sealed my hair before they could dry completely and put them in two big twists waiting until i get more time so i can attempt to get the smooth. Rocked a twist out all last week not doing it again.



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