Deja vu Wash Day.

Washed my hair today with Ketozal
Why? Well as they say long tail right... Last year Remember I had a serious scalp problem flaking itching going bald at the hairline? No? Then read this
After a while I realized that my grandmother has a scalp condition, it gives her dandruff and endless itching. I realized that her using my comb could have been the problem so I told her about the shampoo and she refused to buy one so I told her not to use my combs.

Fast forward a year I am back in the same boat. She thinks I don't know she used one or a few of my combs but I know the itching the thinning of my hairline....Its all coming back to me. I cant even go a week without washing my hair and my hair can basically stay in good shape (i.e. Not really dirty sweaty or anything) for a month with no wash. 

I have disinfected my combs and have started the journey to getting my scalp back to normal I love that this shampoos starts working right away. I will also be keeping my combs out of plain sight. I am not even joking about my hair and scalp health She set me back big time last year and you know what they say "Fool me twice...." so I will not be going for a third. If she doesn't respect my wishes then I will just do what I have to that shampoo is not even cheap. Yes. I am peeved! Ugh!

Believe it or not I started this post while air drying my hair and only got to type one line it is not bed time and I am finishing up the post. So basically I stopped at the picture and now Its bed time so I have time to finish. I deep conditioned with Cream of Nature. Lets hope the shampoo stops it from reacting. I just cannot bother to research and try another deep conditioner. No Way!

I now have my hair in four big twists. I moisturized and sealed with my trusty ORS hair lotion and coconut oil. Also oiled my scalp with coconut oil and Jojoba mix. I find myself easing into and all natural life style next month I will be trying home made toothpaste.



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