Relaxer day

It's finally here and I am scared. Originally I had planned to relax me hair in August. However my cousin is getting married in November and I am a brides maid. So I have adjusted my schedule to coincide with the wedding.

This is my current situation. I have oiled my scalp and have applied petroleum jelly to the length of my hair.  Today my relaxer buddy and I are going to try out Mizani  butter blend. I hope it works out okay.

So I bet your wondering why I'm scared. Well my hairline is itchy and flaky and that makes me wonder if that area is going to burn. I've already decided to do it dead last and pray that the hairs even get texlaxed because I am not a bearer of burns. I'm trying and have been trying my very best to not to touch the area but common we all know I did. I'm prying for an easy time. I don't get what's up with my hairline really I don't.  Will post length check and update  tomorrow.

Thanks for reading guys.


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