Relaxer update/ Mizani review.

So I took a pic of my hair as it is now. Not sure if I should call it a length check yet. They are resting  on my bra strap now. okay I'm sorry I just looked at the pics I took two of them this morning. However for some reason my phone is saying unsupported format. I'm like whaaat cause i mean I took it with this phone how is it unsupported. I will just take a pic now of my ponytail I guess.

Anyway. Mizani butter blend. No no no no no. First of all it smells really nice. Alright so I got to my friends house. I decided to do her hair first because I had to walk to her house so I wanted to cool off a bit. I based her scalp and all of that. Started relaxing her hair. Finished the back and it was burning. Before you think she was scratching or anything. This is a girl that can comb out her hair five seconds before relaxer is applied and still not get burned. I couldn't believe it so I tried to hurry the from with hopes I could smooth out the back but she wouldn't hear it. The relaxer was burning her scalp so badly. So sadly we had to rinse. There were no scalp abrasions thank goodness.

Naturally I was terrified to use it. When we started the process she tried her best not to let it touch my scalp. However as soon as she applied it around my edges it started to burn and the feeling spread like wild fire on my whole head. It was the worst  feeling. I too got off without abrasions. Leaving us with the conclusion that this relaxer is all about burning your scalp.

Not you have to condition for ten minutes before you wash your hair. The shampoo claimed to have a pink indicator....nope that never happened. I'm not sure if we did anything incorrectly. However I'm going back to my relaxer ORS. It has never failed me.

Al least I know and that's good enough.

Also needless to say but I will say it to be clear we did not get our hair processed. We just flat ironed to roots.


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  1. Your ponytail looks absolutely gorgeous!!! Sorry to hear the Mizani relaxer was such a mess...

    1. Thanks . Sorry for the late reply forgot That I moderate comments. Girl I was so shocked after all the great reviews. The shampoo and conditioner is great though.


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