Acne update...Banish the Sew in!!!

Hey boys and girls!I am back with some sorted details about my face. So I have been using the soap and its has worked it is the end of the first week and I feel like i should have bought two of each instead of one i can see the spots have faded a little and i see it will take quite a few bars to do this. Note to self black soap melts almost as quickly as ice. I did take pics but will not post them because the difference is not life changing and it would definitely be a waste of time.I took the pictures so the can be kept for me to compare progress if any at all per week. Since I don't have much to say on the acne I would like to say at this point that my sew in is now boring and slightly annoying me and I honestly cant wait to have it removed I am going to wash and set tomorrow and I just feel like its a chore washing something that ain't my hair just freaks me out.I am prepared to look like a bush dancer anything to look less weave-alicious i'm on board. SIGH Also i have been using the phrase "freaks me out" a whole lot for this entire month omg I thought I past phases when I was a teen but no such luck I guess. Not much to tell but we will be back to regular programming in two weeks when i get this contraption out my next relaxer date is the 2nd of February but it will have to be extended because I plan on letting my hair rest for a bit and enjoy the fresh air before harassing it. Cannot wait to see my hair again i don't care whether its damaged or not i miss it so badly. On the bright side My semester is looking as if its starting kinda late this year. Can't wait to get this degree and get it over with and when its all over masters here I come.


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  1. Oh my gosh! I took so in commenting on your blog that I've already left anu! but yes I was home for the Christmas break and it was great! Have you ever tried using an astringent? It really gets all the nasty oil and other residues, so I guess by doing that it helps fight ache. Thats what I use when my face feels particularly icky!

    Have a great week!
    Much LOve
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo

  2. Yes I have an astringent it actually dried my skin out a lot so i'm trying a different route. I just ant my face to look kind of normal again. sigh. Thanks for stopping by.


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