Battle of the Acne!

So i'm sure everyone must look at my pics and be like wow she has a lot of acne well I do have a lot of scaring from my acne. A couple of months ago I came across this soap that worked miracles for my scaring the started fading but i only had a limited amount at the time so my face was better just not all the way. This is the soap...
I told my mom about it told her I was planning to order some from amazon because I mean who does not want clear skin right. Well then she called me a few days later and was like don't buy that i found that the have the raw black soap in a block and we will get more for our money blah blah. I Do not normally take my mothers advice because I always end up down the wrong road I was skeptical but decided to try it. So she bought something similar to this.
She cut me off a big piece and I started using it right away. I tried using it the way I would with the Dudu-Usun i.e to pre-wash my face with it before entering the shower so it sits on my face for a bit. Bad idea it itched like crazy I was running to the shower. I then just washed my skin with it like regular soap soon enough my face broke out so bad I began looked in the mirror one night and began crying. I felt like an idiot for listening to her when I know I shouldn't. I had to forget that however and find a way to get my face back on track new pimples and all. I gave her back the soap it is really no use to me after all. I was depressed about it for a while. Then last Thursday afternoon Heading home from work this guy tried to stop me to sell me perfume I declined and then being a smart sales person he looked at my face and immediately said I have a soap you might be interested in. He showed me a soap by the name of Nubian Heritage it is an African Black Soap
He said "If you used this you will start seeing results in a week. I smiled and gave him the eye that says "you F**K**G liar". Then I looked at the table and lo and behold there was the love of my life Dudu-Osun I swear I nearly kissed the guy I freaked out when I saw it. Sadly I didn't have my purse but I was back the next day. I bought both bars of soap. I am using the Nubian first since i'm not sure what effect it will have. So far I see that the skin tone in the area has evened up i'm just waiting to see if the spots will fade. here are the before pics I took of my acne be prepared its a bit gruesome.


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