I have found a forever staple!

I used to wonder how people knew when they wanted a product for a lifetime. Well Yesterday I found out how that feeling happens. I bought a new deep conditioner because the old one was just too thick for me also I did not like the mineral oil thing. So I read a million good reviews on Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil Deep Conditioner. Alright before I go into my review and all of that. My plan was to wash my hair and do a rollerset as I was planning on going out. So i Shampooed with a shampoo I had not used in a while Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo after that I applied the conditioner put on a plastic cap and hopped under the dryer for 20 minutes. (I was running a bit late on everything so I opted to used the dryer this wash day.) I then rinsed my hair with cool water to lock in the moisture. Afterwards i roller set my hair and sat under the dryer again for and hour.

When it was time for my to actually do my hair I took the rollers out and the soft feeling was incredible. I added extensions which I had previously roller set to give my curls more body an I could not tell the difference between my hair and the extensions. through out the night I kept touching my hair to see if the would get dried out and nope they did not. Even after I crashed out at about 6:00 am when I got home I did not moisturize and seal. (Believe me when I say I was knocked all the way out.) I woke up after sleeping all day literally and my hair was in perfect shape soft smooth and just O.M.G. I also slept with my clip-ins still in my hair. I felt like I had a hangover when I barely had anything to drink. these pictures just show how my hair looked after I washed and styled it.



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