Long overdue

It has been a while but that is only because I have not really done anything to my hair. After relaxing I normally do not wash for two weeks that fresh relaxer look is just too amazing to say good buy too. Needless to say my hair started to feel like it was going to have a chemical reaction.....lol yeaa. So I co-washed today. I did this using my vo5 moisture milks. I conditioned twice, blot the excess water out of my hair, added my leave-in conditioner and now I am rocking four big braids as I plan on rocking a braid out tomorrow. I also sat down and braided my clip ins as I plan on incorporating them. I am loving my clip ins cant help it. I am sorry about the short post but I have quite a bit of studying to do. I will try my best to remember to buy batteries for my camera. I keep on forgetting. Oh and I got Marley braids I will be rocking Marley twists for four weeks. I am really excited I was going to do them this week but decided to wait on some new growth so the twists would look more natural.

Sorry again for my short post guys...

Much Love


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