Wash Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wash day was very uneventful before washing my hair I was extremely busy I mean I was everywhere at the same time I think. So anyway by the time I decided to wash my hair I realized I was getting sick. To this minute I am not sure if I am coming down with a cold or the flu. So I barely detangled my hair, just did some of it then got fed up. Then I shampooed with sulfur8 and made the effort to deep condition my hair I could only manage to keep it on for 15 minutes then I washed it all out and did a towel turban.... I am still trying to break that habit. I then proceeded to get depressed and lay at the edge of my bed in featal position. When I eventually got up I realized my hair was almost dry so i grabbed a wide tooth comb and wrapped them around my head could not be bothered with cross wrapping. I added some mousse and then let it sit for a while as I stared at the wall. After that I put on my satin wrap cap and called it a wash day. Oh I used ORS Replenishing conditioner to deep condition it was the first thing my hand touched so i just went with that. here is the one pic in which I did not look like I was annoyed.

Oh and tomorrow in my hair anniversary I will be attempting to take a hair shot to serve as a length update as well as comparison of where I was as opposed to where I am now. Hopefully this wrap will straighten my hair enough. 



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