Relaxer day 2. 8. 2013 (MUST READ)

No I did not relax my hair today. I did it yesterday and boy do I have the worst story to tell. I went to a stylist recommended by my mom. I know I know. My moms advice has only steered me wrong in the past but I still tried it out. I wanted to give her the benefit of  the doubt for the five millionth time. Now I think I should have went ahead and relaxed my own hair again.

I want to say before anything else as soon as I got there I told the hair dresser that I have a sensitive scalp.

I went to Gleanetts Salon.

I get there the people are in my opinion pretending to be nice. I stay because I know I have this thing against stylist because of the experiences and thought maybe it was in my head. I was wrong about stifling the warning signs. I was introduced to Nicola the person who would be doing my hair. She asked me who recommended me I said Janelle as I know Janelle is a regular. The helper or whatever they call them was asked to base my hair. The grease smelled minty so I asked her if it is mentholated she said no its just a bit minty. I was like ookay. If it is mentholated it will make the relaxer burn my scalp. I am not sure if she heard me or ignored me to be honest she does not seem extremely right in the head. I look across at that point and see Janelle and I am like how did she act like she knew Janelle and she never said oh well Janelle is here today.

I then asked the hair dresser about the base she was like oh no it will not make your scalp burn it is a soothing formula to protect the scalp from the relaxer....blah blah blah. Now I wanted to run because I had an experience with Dr. miracles grease I had based my scalp with it some years ago before going to the hair dresser and I got burned to the deep red hell. Ding Ding Ding! that is where I should have been seeing red lights.

She applied the relaxer to my hair. I was somewhat surprised at how quickly she could move. She finished the back in no time. I was however shocked by what came next. She was applying the relaxer with the back of a rat tail comb. She then began to claw through my new growth with it. Literally! My entire face dropped! I was like what the hell is going on here! I began to look around as if looking for help but it seemed that it was the norm in the salon. Needless to say my scalp was burning approximately ten seconds after that.

I said to her it is burning. She continued to the left section in the front. When she finished that section I said yet again... "the back is burning!" She took me to the basin finally! She asked me where is burning I told her the entire back she then rinsed out the back hairline only and continued to do the front at this point in time i began to curse myself in my mind. I was hating myself and blaming myself for being an idiot.

When she finished the right section at the front I told her my entire head was burning. She said to me "One more minute" and went to deal with another client. at this point my eyes were brimming but I tried to hold it back. She came back eventually and rinsed my hair. I told her that after all the burn shampooing was going to be like hell. She started to shampoo and I could not hold in it anymore I started to cry silently I wanted to scream but I couldn't I wanted to run far away and never come back ever again. I text my boyfriend while I was sitting there crying and he was mortified. He told me not to pay just walk out because that is craziness. Of course I was not gonna skip paying I needed to be able to write this post there are no Laptops in jail.

I got burned so bad that the conditioner was also like fire in my scalp she had to go find a conditioner by Mizani (which I must find because it is awesome) to condition my hair. She then decided I needed a trim.... I said NO! She said i'm not going t cut your hair just trim.....I literally roll my eyes because I have heard that so many times.

At that point while I was in the chair Janelle comes across to see how I am doing or I think she did I was too traumatized to care. The hairdresser then asked me If I know that girl. In my mind I am just like "You *bleepin* BITCH! You lied to me five seconds after you met me!" She blow dried my hair I know I am against heat and all but I had to leave fast I could not stay a minute longer than I had to. She still cut my hair by the way. I cried all the way home in the car. Needless to say I cannot post any pictures because 90% of my hair is stuck to my scalp. Dearest readers this writer has learned a valuable lesson and she will never ever in her life return to another hair dresser. I seriously rather screw up my own hair that someone else do it for me. I Do not think i am at APL anymore in case anyone was wondering. Also i am not mad about the cut you guys already know I had a few uneven issues. So I do not count this as a set back more like a step towards health. Oh I forgot they charged me the same amount even thought I brought my own relaxer.

Licking my Wounds


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  1. I am really sorry you had such a bad experience, hope everything is a little better now.

    1. I am over it now girl. Just going to keep pushing on


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