Wash Day

Today I had to wash my hair because of the scabs from getting burned. I also had flakes from before which I had mistakenly thought was an allergic reaction to the deep conditioner but what I believe now to be seborrheic dermatitis. So I bought myself a bottle a this baby right here. Sulfur 8. Also You can see a wonderful picture of my ashy scalp on the left.

I shampooed twice with the Sulfur 8 letting it sit for ten minutes on the second shampoo. and then deep conditioned with my African pride deep conditioner as you all know I love it just a bit too much. I roller set my hair and it was taking forever to dry so I caved and sat under the dryer for half an hour. I then oiled my scalp with my jojoba, castor and coconut oil mix, moisturized and sealed my ends and wrapped up my hair. I am not taking extra precautions with my ends since I just had them cut or trimmed whichever you want to call it. I do not go anywhere in my house without a satin cap on and I do not leave my house without my protective style. 

Now that I have washed my hair it has come to my attention that my hair was not even relaxed she flat ironed them to appear relaxed. So i guess you can call this my first six month stretch.

I also know that I have not uploaded a length check picture as yet but this is only because I do not have anyone to take the picture for me as yet. Taking it myself will not work out. (I have tried). Anyway hopefully by the end of the month I will be rid of my flaky hell because the itching is unbelievable. I have noticed that after this wash day my scalp looks the clearest it has looked after a wash day in weeks. So I am actually a bit excited.

I am thinking of starting a personal blog. Wondering if it is a good idea. Any feedback will be appreciated.



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  1. I thought this was your personal blog....... keep going!!!-Court

    1. Noo This my hair blog court. I have thought about it though and I do not think I will. lol


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