Advice From Nadege of Hair Lush Chronicles

Well not really personal advice.. let me explain, I think  blogs serves as a beacon to someone who is struggling with whatever problems and maybe can help change a persons life depending on the blog topic.
That being said I came across this post on the blog Hair Lush Chronicles Which I stalk quite openly. I actually have been thinking hard about the cut I want to do all of a sudden like an answer from god I saw a discussion on Hairlista Stop Trimming Your Uneven Ends. (you will not be able to see the discussion unless you are a member of Hairlista) Of course I clicked and the poster of the topic lead me to the blog post. Thank you to Rosie. Which lead me to think I am not a good stalker. -.-

I decided to go ahead and do my Marley Braids and then after having four weeks to think it through see if I still rather do the cut. Sadly I must confess I was already in the middle of a funeral procession for my hair. I wore it out today not down of course because it would look dreadful. I think I forgot to mention that I dusted the ends yesterday. tried to get a v shape failed miserably still got that straight across the board shape since I was dusting didn't make it bother me anyway.

Since I have now confess my hair sin I must say I felt so guilty with my ponytail swinging  i literally felt like my hair would hate me for having it rubbing all over my jacket collar today. Here are some badly taken photos My camera batteries are completely gone so I am stuck with my phone for now.

Quality is not of the best but you can see the health of my hair when its not combed down and looking all uneven. Even thought I was freaking out because I had my hair swinging every where I did learn one thing.
 I love this style!

Super excited for he Marley Braids

P.S Thank you Nadege


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  1. I happened to end up with a braid out on Saturday, it felt so weird lol a few hours later I put it in a pony. I totally get you on the ends being uneven but healthy, its the same with me, I'm tired of trimming so I'm not doing it again until the end of the year *fingers crossed*

  2. lol Yea I feel that way with braid outs too low manipulation or not. Its like omg. I still dont know when to make my date with the scissors. lol


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