Wash Day/ Heat and Humidity Crisis.

My wash day was actually yesterday but I was just so tired the heat of the day knocked me right out. My hair has been very dry and misbehaving all week. The temperature here seems to be good enough to cook an egg on my forehead. I was even too afraid to cook dinner yesterday but hunger won and I did. Regretted it after though.

Alright so Yesterday I totally forgot to prepoo it was just so hot last thing on my mind was hot oil I mean common either me or my hair would have been cooked. I shampooed with Aphogee Moisturizing shampoo because I wanted to have just a little protein before deep conditioning. (I am so afraid of moisture overload)

My hair has been deathly dry because of the weather and So I have decided to cut out my light protein deep conditioning for now. I deep conditioned with Queen Helene's Cholesterol for (believe it or not) almost four hours the place was so hot that under my cap was steaming within minutes. I sucked up my shame and went birthday cake shopping for my BF with that dreaded cap on my head, cooked, walked around in the neighborhood. Call me shameless Tiffany, I did not care.

When I finally took the cap off it was as if the hair had sucked up the conditioner. I'm not sure if that is what happened or if it is supposed to happen but there was less conditioner visible.

Hopped into the shower and rinsed thoroughly because Queen Helene is very thick and I reconditioned with my nexxus humectress ultimate moisturizing conditioner got out and air dried.

For air drying I simply blot out the extra water and sprayed in my leave in conditioner then put my hair in a loose pony tail. when my hair is just about dry I take down the ponytail detangle my hair and moisturized my new growth. After this I Moisturize, Seal and Cross Wrap.

What i'm wondering is if I should deep condition on co-wash day or no? I want to do this as often as possible to eliminate the dry feeling.


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  1. My mini washes are basically a glorified co-wash. I skip the shampoo and deep condition on dry hair. I tired it once out of necessity and now I love it! In fact, I kinda dread my once a month shampoos! I love only having to get in the shower once on wash day. Here are a few posts that feature my mini wash routine: http://savingourstrands.blogspot.com/search/label/mini%20wash


    1. I have always wondered about Deep Conditioning on dry hair. I may just try it.

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