Co-Wash Day

So being true to my word I have began to co- wash. Why? Simply because now that my stretch is almost over my new growth is acting as if it owns me and not the other way around.

Co-washing helps moisturize my relaxed and new growth tremendously.

For my Co-wash I use VO5 Moisture Milks after co-washing I blot out the excess water and spray some leave in conditioner on my hair then I put my hair into a ponytail and let it semi dry. When it is almost dry I take down the pony and apply some moisturizer to my ends. After doing that I moisturize my new growth and oil my scalp as well as moisturize and seal my relaxed ends.

While moisturizing and sealing I realized that my hair shrinks quite a lot after I wash it. Here is a badly captured photo that I hoped would show what I wanted it to show but it did not so I was just annoyed.

Also I have learned that detangling in sections... very small sections can help tremendously. Less tension = less snapping and breaking.



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  1. Everything in sections! That's my motto!

    1. Definitely! Same for me from now on.


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