Wash Day.

Im not feeling so well today but I just had to wash my hair. I am down to the last five days before relaxer day. I know I was going to relax in June but my New growth is getting to be too much so I am relaxing at three months post.
Detangled my hair last night and applied some oils to my hair I am not sure if I want to call it pre poo I was really out of it. I could have done better if I was not in as much pain.
Wash my hair just once with my design essentials sulfate free shampoo and applied a protein treatment I did that with Nexxus Polydemic reconstructing treatment. I kept that on for ten minutes under a processing cap then rinsed with warm water. I am actually a little afraid of protein since the whole breakage thing so i made sure to deep condition for three hours before calling it a day. I then proceeded to air dry m hair. My hair is not dry yet im typing this before i plan on moisturizing and sealing my new growth and my ends after thins and braid up my hair. I will be rocking a braid out for the rest of the week to keep tension off of my scalp. I am sorry about the short post with no illustrations but I am really out of it.

Thanks fr reading.


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