Faking short kind of natural looking hair..

Hello Internet! So I am still sick but being sick has brought out the laziness in me which made me discover something new. I probably is not new but it was the first time I tried it. Since I had planned to be home from work ths week i had braided up my hair and put flexi rods on the ends, but I rolled the flexi rods up pretty high so my hair would rubbing up on anything or bothering me. Turns out yesterday I had some things to do at work so I decided to get them done, (worst decision ever by the way) I actually got a little worse from going to work.

Anyway so in my last minute dressing and preparation thing I almost forgot my hair. When i took them down i was like wow I look like I have a bob cut. Wish I was able to do the jig in the mirror but yea I just had to stand there and admire it. So I went from.... This

Toooo this cute sexy creature

Perfect isnt it? I know. I love it so much I braided it right back up and put back in the flexi rods this time with more even placement because one side was curled a little lower than the other last time. I don't know why I did it because I plan on relaxing on Saturday. However If I do not relax this will be my style for quite a while.
I am tempted to try this after relaxing but I find my "I need a relaxer hair" and my "I just got a relaxer hair" looks different in the same styles. For instance bantu knots fail on my "I need a relaxer hair" while its rockin on my "I just got a relaxer hair". Oh I almost forgot. Doesn't this style kind of make me look natural. Idk maybe it is my mind.



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