Progress...I think.

So I have discovered weaving does not mean I can just go to sleep without doing a nightly routine. I must sheen and wrap my weave or else i wake up with a ton of tangles. If I do not wrap I pin curl and omg pin curl is my all time favorite in keeping this hair tangle free.
Pin curling illuminates the whole flat ironing process in the morning. Only thing is i have to sleep so carefully its unbelievable. Kinda worth it though.
Now that I have learned the whole moisturizing process the itching is a thing of the past and my hair is now growing at a good speed its been two week and four days i think since i did the sew in and the braids are completely slack and my new growth is coming in great. I have been using Castor Oil and Virgin Hair fertilizer. Also i'm going to used this opportunity to give a short review on GNC Hair Skin and Nails.
This product is working for me, I have not seen any increase or decrease in my acne which is sad (the decrease part). Besides that I have seen significant hair growth in the two months I have been taking them and also my eyelashes are so thick and a growing so long i'm loving how cute my lashes look. However my eyebrows grew back within a week of getting them shaved....very annoying, my nails unfortunately are growing faster I don't really want them to grow that fast because I am rocking a french at the moment. Oh well I might as well be glad I got my moneys worth I guess although it means I will be spending more on getting my nails and eyebrows done....well until I get fed up. i can always do my eyebrows myself. I have taken some pictures of my edges.... I know I should have done this since the beginning of the sew in buuut well i'm a lazy girl what can I say. So here are my edges two weeks after doing the sew in.
I will upload picks of edges in the next month or so to see if there is any change (good or bad) in comparison to these photos.


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