Wash day 12.21.2012

So on Friday I had to wash this hair of mine because it itched sooo much. I Put Some of my aphogee moisturizing shampoo in an applicator bottle added a bit of water then began to apply and massage into my roots.
Now I had to wash my hair so one big reason sure they were a little dirty I don't mind dirt but the patting was driving me crazy I honestly felt like a dog with fleas and its was getting to me... I feel like Iv'e said this before. So anyway after a few mins of applying I noticed i was seeing very dark water coming from my head I did not know that weave have dyes in them. Omg I washed that hair out till only clear water was coming from it. Felt good it all felt good. I did the same thing with my conditioner as I did with the shampoo but not only too my roots but the extensions as well because obviously i can't just leave them shampooed. I then moisturized with my IC leave in conditioner and sealed with castor oil and of course touched up my edges with virgin hair fertilizer. I know I have posted this pretty late after stating In my vlog that I would put up a post immediately but I wanted to see what the hair would be like post washing. Well I've got to say that it was kinda horrible It was dull in my opinion and kind of dry so I added some ice hair polish and flat iron and the shine came back but it was constantly tangled so i put in a little of the leave in and wrapped it and it was as good as new. The roots in the middle of my sew in are showing pretty bad but I don't really mind. here is the link to my video about washing my hair it is less detailed but at least you get to hear my weird lisp and enjoy my face. Oh before I go I must add that I have been taking growth aids as well to ensure that i get maximum growth and drinking lots of water eating fruits and all that i want this sew in to pay off lol. Lots f Love TTFN


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