Almost back on track..

So I have been M.I.A for a bit but I will be back to my old self in no time. I do want to share that (Drum Roll Please) I am four days away from turning 24. Woop!!! For my Birthday I'm giving myself a sew in and I bought myself a sexy lil dress to wear to where ever i'm going for my birthday since I have absolutely no plans.... But here is the best part I've just bought a tube of virgin hair fertilizer.
Why is that the best part you wonder? Well I am in desperate need for my edges to grow back and I'm am going to try out the virgin hair fertilizer while wearing my sew in and hoping to go crazy with happiness when I take it out. Virgin hair fertilizer was recommended to me by my co-worker She is also on a hair journey you guys can check her out. I also did extensive research on it and I have not heard anything bad other that some persons not liking the smell. So I decided to try it. I also got myself the IC moisturizer hair and scalp treatment to apply to my hair under the weave to prevent dryness and breakage post sew in.
I'm not sure If this is the best or not if anyone has any recommendations for me in regards to this please leave some comments to help save the life of my hair. Yes I would rather not go down too many wrong roads on my hair journey. I am also postponing wash day since I rather wash my hair the day before I get my sew in I want to make sure they are clean and I'm going to moisturize them as much as I can lol I won't be seeing them for a long time soooo it will be my way of saying goodbye for now. Okay so I will post a before picture of my hair before i get the sew in and then an after picture and after that and relaxer picture I will be getting a relaxer a week or two weeks after I remove the weave. You guys will see me on Teusday for my wash day and before pictures post... and definitely on my birthday !!!!! TTFN


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