Wash day 12.1.2012

Okay so I had a pretty uneventful wash day I wash with Aphogee moisturizing shampoo the only shampoo i might add that I have seen without protien in it unless it was a misprint on the bottle... I conditioned with aphogee moisturizing conditioner and the deep conditioned with ORS deep conditioner
I deep conditioned with a shower cap on my head for about and hour without heat. I then de-tangled my hair before rinsing out the conditioner.
After rinsing I roller set my hair and let them air dry they dried in about two hours but I just didn't take them out for so long felt lazy
At least this week i didn't get impatient and take them out before they dried So after taking out the rollers i simple moisturized my hair even though they were already super soft and moisturized thanks to all the moisture products i used and oiled my scalp with coconut oil, and that was my wash daaaaay lol


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