Product Satisfaction and New Goals...

Today I am four week post relaxer and I have to say I must be doing something right my roots are so soft and manageable that if I couldn't see then I wouldn't believe I had any. So far I am finding the shampoos conditioners and other products that I am using to be working well for me. At this point i would like to say Organic Root Stimulator's line of products are great but I find not all of them work for me like some persons say that the pudding is wonderful for keeping your hair flat but I don't find it does anything for my hair at all. Also the gel used for smoothing edges it TOOK OUT my edges and now i'm stuck trying to grow them back. Aphogee although claimed to be a protein filled line I think is just understood yes the products contain protein but It is for the user of the products to balance the protein with moisture and I have found not every product has protein in it All you have to do is read the labels instead of just skipping over it. Nexxus omg Nexxus I think that sums it up i'm ordering more Nexxus products i do not want to run out at all. Coconut oil is doing wonders for my the dermatitis around my hairline It is being reduced as the days go by I'm hoping this will fix it for permanent I will keep applying for the rest of the year just to be safe I did try to get some advice from Jeni since she had similar issues. but I know its hard when you blog is popular to answer everyone so I just went ahead and tried something. For anyone who is in need of motivation I would recommend visiting I want to grow to wait length and Jeni is my motivation for it. Although her hair is way thicker and looks way awesome lol. I STALK HER BLOG why? I'm not sure oh no wait maybe because I just love to see her progress it motivates me So after extensive research I have decided to start doing my relaxers myself My mom has already started doing hers at home and she is doing quite well unfortunately I don't trust her to relax my hair because she used to when I was in school and they never came out right because she didn't understand that my scalp is sensitive and she would do whatever she wanted to. So I'm due for a relaxer in February I have decided to just add two weeks to my stretch and stretch my relaxer for three months and just get it over with. I can't wait to see if my hair will look healthier by then. I want heath more that I want length simply because I love the look and feel of hair that is being taken care of I may do a little dusting since I have joined to no cutting challenge by the time the challenge is over I will be in the middle of another stretch. Im am determined to get to at least Mid back length by the end of next year. I do have a bit of news for you guys but I am not sure as yet whether its good or bad I have a feeling from past experience that it may be a set back for my hair but I'm hoping this time will be different. Keeping my fingers crossed


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  1. I visit her blog sometimes...just to read it...when I was younger I really wanted longer I want to have a pixie cut again or shave it all off!! lol Good Luck with your hair journey!!!
    Much Love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

  2. Thank you hun. I've tried cutting it off and I always end up miserable. lol


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